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Get certified to instruct most Red Cross classes including: Lifeguard Training, First Aid, CPR, AED,
Administering Emergency Oxygen, Bloodborne Pathogens, Lifeguard Manager, and more.

Due to the nature of the skills in this course, you will be participating in strenuous activities, such
as performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the floor and removing someone from the
water. If you have a medical condition or disability or if you have any questions about your ability to
participate fully in this course, discuss them with your physician or health-care provider and us
before you start the course.

Very important.  The Monday prior to the first day of the course will be the last day to cancel for a
full refund.  Please double check that you are able to attend every class session for the full time as
there are NO MAKE UPS unless previously arranged.  If you need to cancel Tuesday through
Saturday (after the pre-requisite swim test), there will be a $65 ($30 for refresher students) charge
for equipment.  Any cancellations after that are $65 ($30 for refresher students) for equipment and
$25 per day for instruction.

**If you are not able to pass the course, or have an unforeseen emergency and need to miss a
day, your best option is to continue to come to all class days if possible then talk to your instructor
or contact the Red Cross (408-577-1000) to find a "Refresher Course" which is an abbreviated
(and less expensive) form of the class.

Participants must be 17 years old, and challenge out of all Lifeguard/CPR/AED written and skills
tests on the first day (this means all rescues, spinal, CPR, First Aid skills).  You should also be
comfortable presenting in front of a group using various instruction techniques.  You’ll certainly
become a better instructor during the course, but you really should have at least some basic
comfort in working with teenagers and adults.

Classes You Will Be Certified to Teach
Aquatics: Lifeguarding, Waterfront, Waterpark, Shallow Water Attendant, Lifeguard Management,
and Basic Water Rescue
Professional CPR: CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer, Oxygen Administration
Community Courses: CPR/AED/First Aid for Community, Bloodborne Pathogens

Authorization is kept by teaching Lifeguarding every 2 years.  The only major ones that you will not
be able to teach with LGI are Emergency Response (highest Red Cross level), Title 22 (16-hour
First Aid), and Water Safety Instructor (WSI).

What is Successful Completion?
1.    Participants must show up on time and for every class.  If you miss a class you will not be able
to pass the course.
2.    Active participation is required in every class.
3.    Ability to successfully execute all physical skills.
4.    Pass all three written exams with an 80% or higher.

What To Bring
For the first class please bring with you proof of age and be prepared to sign (or have your
parent/guardian sign) facility and instructor waivers.

To each class meeting please bring your lifeguard manual, swimsuit, goggles (optional), towel,
change of clothes, water, and any food you may want.  We will take short dinner breaks so bring
food or plan on grabbing something quick at fast food.  Also, if you typically run a bit cold, you may
bring a rash guard or wetsuit since we will be in and out of the water and playing the role of the
victim.  You will be provided with manuals, pens, and CPR masks.
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