Many thanks to Ravi, Evan, Melissa, Sue, Cathie, and Michael for a stellar Red Cross Lifeguard Training and Refresher Course!

We spent two weekends together at a high school pool in San Jose learning the finer points of keeping pool patrons protected.  It was a pleasure to have a small group of professionals in this late season class: one special ed teacher, one aspiring high school teacher, two facilities managers, one lifeguard, and one diligent uncle and husband of folks who enjoy the pool.

This was my third time teaching at a high school pool this summer and through battling the idiosyncrasies that come with this setting I have improved my teaching and the overall flow of the courses–in my humble opinion.  For example, we ran this last course under a small canopy on the pool deck under the blazing sun, moving and rotating it every 30 minutes to block the sun from our backs the projector screen.  As a trade off we got our run of the place and a huge, beautiful pool with a 13′ deep end!

Next season (January-June 2012) we hope to have agreements with at least 2 high schools, 1 athletic club, and possibly a municipal pool, and you can rest assured we have perfected our ability to teach in any environment.


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