Hacienda Entrance Gate Off Almaden Road

Ok, so it wasn’t Page 1…but we have to start somewhere.

Two and a half weeks ago in the Saturday paper, in a small feature called “3 Things to Do Today, 3 Things to Do Tomorrow” our Almaden Quicksilver Hike was posted.  Awesome!

Needless to say, the hits on the website were off the charts and the phone calls came in steadily (while we were out teaching Lifeguard Training of course).  We ended up with two fantastic hikers and some great exposure for our outdoor adventure company.

The Hike

Almaden Quicksilver is an incredible place to hike.  Although it can be crowded at times, I can’t pass up leading trips there because of the scenery, local history, and varied albeit challenging terrain.  I took out two avid hikers from Almaden into a section of the park they had not explored before.  We took in the views of the Diablo Range, Mt. Umunhum and the Almaden Air Force Base, as well as remnants of the English mining camp.

Our party of three tackled the 4.5 mile historic route faster than expected, which left us wanting more, so I promised a solid half- day next time.  (which by the way is the Upper Steven’s Creek trip in December)

We always love a small group on all of our trips for the social factor, but know that we rarely cancel–in fact, I’ve been known to hike by myself (or with my dogs or son) on an empty trip.  So…don’t be shy…come join us!

Remnants from a Mining Camp of 1800 People

Largest Mercury Mine in US in Our Backyard


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